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Pic Healthy Photo Food Diary makes healthy eating fun and easy with the help of your friends! Take pictures of your food, rate how healthy or unhealthy it is and let your friends be the judge. Being aware of what you eat is the first step towards making smarter food choices, maintaining a healthy diet, and achieving your weight goal.

* Eat better, feel better and have fun while you'-re doing it!
* Being aware of what you eat is the first step towards a healthy diet, eating better food, and improved nutrition
* Easiest way to track your food, nutrition, diet -- just take a photo
* Access to MedHelp’s Health Forums to post nutrition questions, diet questions, weight loss questions
* Get support and motivation from millions of people just like you who are dieting
* Share what you eat with friends and others with this photo food journal

* Easily track what you eat by taking pictures of your meals
* Rate how healthy your meal is and see if your friends agree with you
* View a scoreboard to see how you’re doing compared to your friends and to other users of the app
* See what others are eating and rate and comment on their food photos
* Like someone’s photos? Follow them in your photo feed

* Healthy Points: Earn points for eating healthy foods. Share a picture of your food and earn points when your friends rate it as healthy.
* Rankings: Check the scoreboard to see how you stack up compared to your friends and others.

Pic Healthy is a smart and easy way to achieve your weight goal and healthy way for weight loss! If you want to slim down or are slimming down already, do it the healthy way with this photo food journal. Consider this app to be your diet coach! It’s perhaps better than a diet coach because your phone is always with you. Get started for free today.

Developed by MedHelp, the world’s largest health social network.

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