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myBiz Mobile Business Manager

Платформа: Андроид
Производитель: Trace Width Technology Solutions LLC.
Добавлено: 14 апреля 2014
Просмотров: 139



** Newly Updated to support super high density screens like the Galaxy S4 ***
** Added Dropbox for backup and restore !!! ***

The myBiz Mobile Business Manager is a comprehensive suite of tools that allow a mobile user to manage a small to medium business without having to be tethered to a terminal

This app is the myStock app on Steroids! Comprehensive Inventory with extra business tools for total business management. Simple interfaces with great export/import features to work with PC tools like Excel, Calc...etc.

Easily send Quotes and Invoices to customers as PDFs, Expense reports to your manager and Inventory adjustments to the shipping department! All via your mobile phone or tablet!

The tool suite includes an Inventory Manager (similar to the myStock Inventory Manager), an Expense Tracker and a Quotation and Invoice Generator. This allows a user to meticulously track and document products and services that go in and out of the business

These tools are particularly powerful and can be used from the beginning of a sale to the tail end of disposition, while recording all expenses along the way

All the tools have the ability to report in PDF format for easy viewing, as well as exporting to CSV for data manipulation and statistical operations in a standard spreadsheet program.

Currently supports Decimal Currency formats #,###.## (Cannot process comma as the decimal)
Exported PDF headers are only supported for English Language
Designed for single device real-time management (does not sync across multiple devices)


Project organization – Manage multiple projects at a time and separate different aspects of your Businesses and Personal data.
Password protection – Protect your projects from other users
Backup/Restore – Each project or the whole Application.
Export and transfer to PC or other devices for analysis and reporting
Import all your data from the Trial Edition!

Expense Tracking

Tabulate daily expenses such as purchases, mileage and rents
Report and review the expenses in multiple formats such as CVS or PDF
Categorize and sort expenses
Automate recurring expenses
Group multiple Expenses in an overall Expense worksheet
Integrated Mileage calculation
Integrated Pop-up Calculator
Export and Import - All sheets, Single sheet or Single expense record
User definable expense categories
Summary reports and charts


Prepare, generate & send full-fledged quotations and invoices from your mobile device
Add multiple Products and Services as line items
Add credits, discounts and taxes
Set Status to keep up to date with open or pending quotes and invoices
Maintain an internal customer list for easy quote and invoice generation
Option to select customers from system Contact List
Outputs a professionally formatted quotes and invoices in PDF format
Insert a Company Logo and Signatures as picture files into your Quotes and Invoices
Export to CSV data format for data editing on a PC or other device
Duplicate quotes to reuse for multiple customers
Send finalized invoices to automatically apply adjustments to inventory

Inventory Management

Full Product Database
Transaction records
Cost and Pricing Management
Report Generation in PDF and Charting
Export and Import Stock Data
Add detailed product information
Quickly make transactions by scanning Product Barcodes

Supports Google Android Speech to Text typing for fast easy data input and updating.

Compatible with myStock (export/import stock data) and myBook (apply contacts to Quotes).

Priority Support for 6 months after purchase.


Support Site (for fastest response)

Support EMAIL:

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