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MathScript Scientific Calc

Платформа: Андроид
Производитель: The Think Tanks
Добавлено: 6 января 2014
Просмотров: 157



MathScript is one of the most powerful scientific calculator available in Android. It encompasses a very powerful solver that can solve almost everything you throw at it. A smart user interface system allows easy editing of mathematics. MathScript also has a visually attractive function plotting capability. With MathScript, you can perform almost all of mathematical tasks you can imagine. It has an optimized interface that makes it easy to work with complex equations.

Some of the many prominent features include:
* full fledged scientific calculator
* saving and restoring computations/calculations
* complete algebra system using SymPy library (integration, differentiation, polynomials, algebra etc.)
* graphical rendering of equations
* function plotting
* python programming (complete suite)

If you like the app, please give us a good rating. If you are not happy with the app, please mail us. We are working hard to improve the interface and a better rating will motivate us to do the same.

Note:: We have very high regard for customer satisfaction. If you have any difficulty, please let us know. If we are not able to rectify in a short time, we will promptly refund your amount.

You can use MathScript as a calculator, function plotter, polynomial manipulation tool, equation solver (algebraic, differential, linear etc.), calculus tool (integration, differentiation, of arbitrary functions), matrix solver (linear algebra), units converter, finance tool (PMT,PV,FV. etc.), programming shell (complete python package), etc... It also contains interesting math puzzles that make you learn math in fun way. Train your brain to use mathematics whenever possible,

Many of the features are available only in the advanced computing tools like Matlab*# and Mathematica*#.

Add even half of the above features and the cost of other similar products in the market would easily cross $20. Our aim is to make the Math tools affordable by all. The pricing is maintained to be low, and will be maintained that way in near future. Give a try and let us know how you feel (feedback button available in Help).

NOTE1:: Please use the in-built tutorials (Menu->"Learn n solve") to learn how to use the software. More than 10 tutorials are designed to cover all basic topics. More will be added.
NOTE2:: First time installation involves downloading three open source libraries (Python, SymPy and JsMath). Please be patient till the software completes the installation.**

WEBSITE:: Please visit us at

KIND REQUEST:: We implement the user suggestions and reviews as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the Android market platform does not provide a mechanism to reply to the market reviews. Please check out the latest version software and enable auto-update to obtain latest copy. In case you have any suggestions/complaints, please provide a feedback using the application (Menu->Help->Feedback). We will try to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

***MathScript collects anonymous usage statistics using google analytics. The statistics will be used to customize the keyboard layout and provide advanced features in future versions. Once we have adequate data, the usage statistics will be displayed in our website***

Ongoing Development::
* Categorized help system
* Accessible code-snippets for quick computation
* Enhanced editor interaction

Coming Soon::
* 3D plotting
* Kids mode (would be impossible to make mistakes)
* Lessons for school kids with solvable questions
* Math Puzzles ( for learning math the fun way )

Planned features:
** Just too many of them. Keep your auto-update on!!

*# Matlab and Mathematica are registered trademarks of MathWorks and Wolfram

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